Is the MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser a specialty tool?
No, the MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser is not a specialty tool. It can easily wrap, with less effort, anything a parallel handle dispenser can. You will not need a parallel handle dispenser. In fact, the parallel handle dispenser is more of a specialty tool then the MANPLOW. Parallel handle dispensers are very good at wrapping items waist to chest high. They require too much effort and awkward positions to do a good job wrapping lower than your waist or higher than your chest.
Do I need any tools to assemble or change rolls?
No. Assembly and roll changes can all be done without any tools. It is a very simple process that takes about 30 seconds to do. Take a look at the video (above).
What jobs can a hand held dispenser do that a MANPLOW canít do?
None. A MANPLOW can do everything a regular dispenser can do and so much more. It can do a better job and it is safer to use. If you have a MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser, you will not need any other dispensers.
How complicated is it to assemble and use?
Anyone can assemble and use a MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser. Follow the simple directions to assemble it for the first time and youíll understand just how simple, simple can be. Using it is very intuitive. If you can walk around a pallet, you can wrap it. Sure there are fancy wrapping techniques that you can do with a MANPLOW that you could never do with a regular dispenser, but they are easy and often times fun to experiment with.
Are MANPLOWís made to last?
MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispensers are ruggedly simple. They are over-built with super strong, lightweight aluminum to stand up to heavy use and by design, have no vulnerable systems that can render it unusable. Thatís not to say it will never get run over by a forklift. And if it does, rest assured, we can replace any part in no time flat.
How is the MANPLOW safer than a regular dispenser?
The very act of wrapping a pallet with a parallel handle dispenser is nearly identical to the party game where folks run up to a baseball bat, bend over , spin around 10 times and then have to run to the next activity. Itís funny to watch when it is in the middle of a soft, grassy field but not when itís in a fast paced warehouse with lots of hard surfaces, sharp edges and moving equipment. Many warehouse injuries result from slip and falls. If you can eliminate situations where you may slip and fall, you can eliminate injuries. Additionally, some pallets may need to be wrapped in an over/under method. This exposes workers arms with a parallel handle dispenser. Not with a MANPLOW. You can do a 360 wrap without ever exposing any part of your body to potential harm.
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